"Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it."
-- Hunter S. Thompson



You’re very welcome to bitch to me, because I totally get it. He’s like a child sometimes and he’s so stubborn.

Ooops. I may have just started a mass murder case. But as long as the baby is ok aha

He is!  And I just wanna look at him and be like, “Really, Nicholas?”  But you know when you call him on being a big baby he just gets madder.  So I don’t.  

You did!  The baby will be fine, no worries.  Baby Nemeth gets to live on the run with Dad as they stay one step ahead of the po-po

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Oh yes. I totally get that.

But pictures! Lots and lots. My house will be covered in pictures of your face. John won’t know what’s happened.

I guess it’s easier to do the bitching with you?  Because you know what I’m talking about without instantly going on the “bad Nick” rampage, ya know?  Like, you can just commiserate.

Haha John is going to kill you!  And then me!  And then Nick’s gonna kill John.  And then he’ll have to run away to a no extradition treaty country to raise our child in peace haha

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Addams Family Values (1993)

Gomez knows how its fucking done.

Gomez gives out better relationship advice than like 90% of dudes.

Gomez Addams is a suave motherfucker who loves his wife more than his own life.

Everyone should want a Gomez. He’s p cool.

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I feel like saying ‘been there, done that’ cause I feel your pain Celeste. He’s always been like that and I don’t think that’ll ever change.

Hey! It is happening and you’re gonna be the best mommy to a wonderful little baby Nemeth. And hopefully nick will cry so I can laugh at him

It won’t.  And I don’t expect it to or anything.  You know how it is.  Sometimes, you just wanna bitch about something without any real malice behind it.

Hey, now, no laughing!  If you laugh, he won’t let me take pictures! I have to have pictures!

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He’s always been moody - and I really struggle talking to him when he’s like that just because you can never tell how he’ll react. Or what he even wants for that matter.

Oh maaaan. He’d just decided that by himself? You’re a lucky girl aha. It’s a little bit adorable on his part

Exactly.  Though I’m pretty sure what he usually wants when he’s in the really bad mood is for me to just leave him alone.  And of course that’s the hardest thing for me to do.  So we fight.  And blah.  Ya know?

Well, he knew.  I mean, there’s no way he didn’t know that I wanted a baby.  He knows me better than I know me, sometimes.  He was ready and now…  I’m still kinda like wow about the whole thing. 

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Y’know Nick seems to have a reason for everything - and he’d never be too unjust to you, Cel.

What? He literally just came and took them from you? Aha. I bet that must’ve been confusing

I know.  He loves me.  He’s just moody and sometimes, the mood is a bit much, ya know? 

Yup  Came up when I was getting ready to take them and took them from me, then tossed ‘em in the trash.  I was just like, holy cow!  Then he carried me off and we got to the baby making haha

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"Uh-oh. Why is everything uncomfortable?"

"I have no idea.  I just can’t— blah.  Every time I roll over, that side is uncomfortable.  It’s like life just doesn’t want me to have sleep or something."

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But you’re his wife - he can be a meanie once, then make it up later with kisses and cuddles and sex aha.

But John and I would make cute babies too and he just can’t see that!!

Yeah, I guess…

Well hm………………  I’m trying to think of what might help you but I really don’t know. Honestly, until Nick came and took my birth control pills, I was pretty sure we weren’t going to have any kids at all.

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My everything is uncomfortable

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You seem to bring my mood up pretty quickly with your sense of humor.


He grinned at her exasperated expression, shaking his head at her before giving her a ‘what are you gonna do’ look “glad, I am that think so do you.” He smirked a bit before adding “I hope you know this means you’re marathoning those movies with me.” Randy teased a bit.

She shrugged, attempting a nonchalant look that hid the fact that her stomach was currently a dryer in the middle of a cycle.  ”Well, I would hope that if you’re gonna marathon them with somebody, it would be the somebody with the kick ass Yoda impersonation,” she said with a laugh.

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