"Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it."
-- Hunter S. Thompson

My muse drops their journal and your muse reads from it. How does yours react to reading mine’s darkest secrets?


Bonus if you specify something, kind of like a headcanon meme

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…and then the unicorn stabbed the Care Bear, and it exploded into sparkles, and yeah, it was so weird.

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Pouting. So hard.

Next time, you and your pregnant beauty are comin’ to Texas with me.

;Yes, I am. I got so used to being with you that being at home without you sucks so much.

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♪ —jeffnerox



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Bad Angel - Dierks Bentley

Celeste was starting to think she had a problem.  She hadn’t thought about it until that moment, when she realized it was two in the afternoon, the twins were taking a nap, and she was on her second glass of wine.  Day drinking was always a sign that she was listening to that bad angel that perched on her shoulder, telling her to go on and do it.  It was the same one that told her that taking up smoking wasn’t that bad of an idea, or that she should take a trip to the casino.  She had managed to avoid the dark winged creature with the evil grin on all the others, but the wine— Yeah, it was two in the afternoon, and she was having her second glass of wine.


"Cel..it can’t be a thing." Jeff combed his hair back again, taking another sip of beer. "An’ if it don’t stop now it’ll go one forever. Just…it’s not a good thing. Keep an eye on it." He felt like he was being hard on her, but it was something he felt was necessary.

Her eyes narrowed at him.  She hadn’t expected him to be so firm on it.  ”I… I know it’s not a good thing.  It’s like drinking alone.  A sign of bad things.  But… if you really think…”  She sighed.  ”I’ll keep an eye on it.”

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Trapped || Jeff and Cel


Jeff’s head snapped up when the TV show they’d been watching was cut off with a weather report and a screeching alarm sound.
“We’re reporting live from Raleigh, North Carolina, where there seems to be a severe tornado warning—”
The blond sat bolt upright, green head whipping around as he tried to locate Celeste. “Cel!! Did you hear that!? Shit.”
He jumped up, locking the door and all the surrounding windows. “Celeste, go to the basement. I’ll be down in a sec, I needa find my dogs…crap…”

Celeste heard Jeff calling her and came out of the kitchen, a bowl of popcorn in her hand.  She’d come to North Carolina for a short visit, since Dusty had the twins for the weekend.  She didn’t understand why Jeff was in such a panic until her head turned to the television and she saw the warning.  ”Oh.  Tornado…”  She was from Texas, and had lived in Florida.  After tropical storms and hurricanes, tornadoes didn’t phase her much.  ”Calm down,” she said, setting down the popcorn bowl.  ”I’ll help you find the dogs and then we’ll get to cover.”  The only thing that worried her at the moment was the basement itself.  They creeped her out.

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//Yeah, I gotta go get my slush.  But yeah, Steph…  That was some good fucking shit there.  The rest of the segment was lame as fuck and the premise behind the jail thing is fucking dumb as shit but that moment… Stephanie showed why she rules the Queendom.

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"At SummerSlam, I’m gonna make you my bitch!"

—Stephanie McMahon



Yes, you did. ;) That’s not awkward. I’m gonna be her grandbaby’s father.

You have corrupted me, mister ;) That’s completely awkward ‘cause Mom’s kinda pushy.  But just remember I warned you haha

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//This is fucking dumb.

I could be at Sonic rn getting a cherry limeade.

And let’s be honest. Stephanie can’t wrestle. Brie can’t wrestle. Why do we want to see this dumb shit on the biggest PPV of the summer?

This is fucking dumb.

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