"Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it."
-- Hunter S. Thompson

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The blushing suits you, dear.  Quite charming.

So that’s why you keep saying things to make me blush even more.  Furiously, even.

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honesty hour, answering everything, nothing deleted

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Due to the distinct lack of air conditioning in his rather old, beaten Coupe, April had insisted on rolling a l l of the windows down. They hadn’t been touched since, thus allowing the sounds of their joyous reunion to drifr through the unusually cool evening air and fall on his ears. Even if he’d come back completely unscathed, hanging back would’ve been the second best thing he’d chosen to do; he didn’t care to be fussed over anyway, and ‘att’a boys’ were nothing short of sickeningly insincere. Of course there were still certain legal matters he would need to discuss with the two, what - if any action they might want to take against Brooks, things of that nature. But they too, could wait.

She pulled back from her, looking her up and down.  ”Let me look at you.  Didn’t I tell you not to get mixed up with him! And Nana was worried out of her mind!”  She gave her a cursory once over and hugged her again.  She was okay.  Sam would have taken her to a hospital instead of bringing her back if she wasn’t okay.  Her eyes turned toward the car a moment as she separated from the hug again, giving Sam a smile and mouthing thanks to him before grabbing her friend’s hand and pulling her inside.

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I’m thoroughly intrigued. 

You’re intrigued and I am highly embarrassed.



And what else is in there?

Hm… That would be every strange word I’ve ever made up.  And all of my weird colloquialisms.  And… perhaps pictures of you beside other words.  Maybe.  Possibly.

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"What’s in that bag and why are you hiding it here?"


"Oh boy, but I would be that one. I’d be the one you can’t love but you love.” She laughed and crossed her arms, letting out a huff. HOW CAN YOU ALL BE SO BLIND?! Her puffs aren’t even the rightcolor. How can you be so…ugh! They’re suppose to be pearl white not off white!”

"And only you would know the difference between those," she said with a laugh.  "And I’ll sit back with the twins like, and this is why Daddy says that you can’t be alone with Auntie Cray for more than twenty minutes at a time.  Because she’s psychotic."

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When at last the car came to a screeching halt at the curb, Sam heaved a deep sigh of relief and instead of attempting to pick himself up out of the backseat when April all but bounded out of the car, he simply lifted a hand to pull his fedora down over his face to stifle the quiet groan that spilled from his lips when she slammed the door; it shook the whole damn car, a fact he wasn’t particularly pleased with. But for all his discomfort, the bright side of the situation was the fact he’d closed the case. And for once the ending didn’t involve anyone mourning over caskets or.. mourning at all, for that matter. A little bit of hyperactivity and a great deal more jubilation on the ladies’ part could certainly be forgiven.

The car pulled up and she didn’t think about Sam, and she’d definitely make that up to him later.  Right then, though, she only saw her best friend as she jumped out of the car and ran for her.  And the only thing on her mind was getting her arms around her.  April leaped at her, and Celeste caught her, instantly burying her face in the crook of friend’s neck.  She smelled of sweat, and like she’d not had a shower in days, but Celeste didn’t care.  All that mattered was that she was alive, and she was back with her, and in that moment, her mind went back to Sam.  Because he was the reason she had April back, and she would be forever grateful to him for that.

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